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A wise friend once told me that if I started to water my own grass and stop obsessing over the lawn across the street, I would find more happiness in my life.  I was always looking for the next best thing or something that was better than what I had at the time, or so I thought.  This advice has stuck with me for years, and I often find myself looking at my life I have now marveling at how fortunate I am.  The word “gratitude” has so much meaning for me and the journey I’ve taken.  Starting a family has been the highlight of my life.  With family comes responsibility and as a Chef that means nurturing through food.   I find it so very important that we teach our children in their growing years the importance of a healthy diet and making good choices.  I also feel that it’s important to splurge and treat ourselves once in a while.  What kind a Chef would I be if I took all the fun and flavor out of my cooking?  Not a very popular one, or Mom at that!

Grateful Plate was formed and has been my dream to provide my community an alternative to what we all have been taught to “think” what school lunch should be.  Our kids shouldn’t be starving or having highs and lows throughout the day, but satisfied and full of protein and nutrients.

At Grateful Plate you will find a level of skill and love for cooking above no other.  We are all parents and take what we do very seriously.  Our commissary kitchen is located at the Denver Christian School campus, and we are so blessed to have them as our partner as they provide a positive and nurturing environment for what we do.   We pride ourselves on the fact that we are a scratch cooking kitchen.  We strive to provide only the freshest of ingredients in our food and never any chemicals, high fructose corn syrup, dyes, or nitrates.  We source our products locally when we can and explore dishes that are fun and seasonal!

Gratitude doesn’t begin to cover how our team feels for the trust you give us in feeding your children.  Thank you for reading this and remember… water your lawn often!

Kim Laga, Owner and Chef

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“My kids love to eat the food at Grateful Plate. Their favorite foods are the pizza dippers, sliders, pasta and taco bar. They especially love the special touches that are provided like the pickles. As a parent I know they are getting great food.
I love to show prospective families Grateful Plate when I give a tour and share with them all of the many choices that are offered to DC students. Parents love to hear that it is kids food made healthier. When students shadow at DC one of their favorite parts of the day is to try out Grateful Plate. They love it.”

Carrie Johnson
Denver Christian Parent and Administrator

“My kids beg to eat at Grateful Plate every day. They are even willing to do chores at home to earn their lunch. The often comment that the food there is better than mine. I am grateful to be able to send my kids to school and know that they are going to get a healthy homemade lunch that they really like.
Recently my son commented that Ms. Laga's chili was so good that you didn't even need sour cream and cheese. HA!”

Natasha Vissering